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ONE TIME Investment

In this you have to invest only once. You can do this for a period of 1 to 20 years.

(1) Direct Equity Fund
Why to invest through a reset investment equity fund?
The company invest in Direct Equity Fund.
Not through the bank or any other institution.
You can benefit from the commission and other non-visible charges.

(2) Reset investment
Account is complete online process.
No branch visit. No Risk Agreements.
No separate paper work.
Complete online processing time savings.

(3) Whatever amount you invest in the reset investment, you can exit anytime after 3 months of opening the account and without charge.
Which is not possible in any other fund.

(4) It is the only equity fund of Reset Investment India.
Who offers you one time investment.
And capable of delivering the best returns.

(5) Reset investment. reviews your funds from time to time through your experienced team.
Keeping the market in mind, enter and exit. Decides to get the best returns.

(6) Client Login
Once your account is open, you will get your account’s login.
In which you can get complete information about your account.
You can login to the reset web site.

(7) Reset investment. handles your fund through its best technical team.
So that the negative impact of the market’s ups and downs does not affect your funds.

Expert take on Direct Mutual Funds

Economic times

1% higher return means a much bigger corpus.
Due to the compounding, the corpus built via
products with lower cost will be significantly
higher over longer periods.

Money Control

…On the other hand, direct Mf plans don’t involve
intermediaries. Hence, the expense ratio which includes
all fees, commissions, and fund management charges is lower,
making the returnhigher than that of regular MF plans.

Business Standard

(In regular Funds) The seller may sell you funds
where he earns a higher commission rather than what
is best for you… Over long term you stand to gain
more by investing in direct plans.